Three Films .....

10 day challenge : 3 films !

my best friends wedding was always my favorite, all time movie...not only because Julia Roberts is my favorite actress , and Cameron comes in 2nd....but because it was different then usual, and it just never gets old to me. I can watch it all the time. I remember way back my best friend actually got it for me as a present for my bday on VCR. Lol

Why did I get married , is just a real deep movie that helps me understand marriage a bit more... ( me being the anti marriage kind, lol ) and it actually makes you realize how important some things are to make a marriage strong &&& keep going !

Then there's Raising Victor Vargas which I just love because it shows how beautiful NYC is. Also because Victor Vargas just reminds me of the many bad boys I have encountered in my life. Lol. Its a funny movie with an urban twist, that many people living and growing up in NYC can relate to !

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