Say Cheese :)

I have decided to do a challenge , to see if that can possibly keep my blog a bit more update than I have been able to do lately. Idk if I can really do it , but I sure will try. Lol.

The first post has to be of One picture of myself so here it goes :

This isnt a recent picture, this was actually taken sometime in 2008. I choose this picture because it has a significant meaning in my life. This was taken the very first day I cut my hair super short for the first time. This may sound a but cliche but eff it - I remember cutting it because I wanted a change. It was around the time where I was going through a bad break up with someone I considered my first love. It was that " Oh you love my long hair, well im cutting it all off cus I don't give a damn what you like on me - kinda feeling " ! lmao. I remember how empowering it felt to do something he did not want me to do. It was a rebellious feeling of wanting out of the shitty situation. I felt sexy, I felt strong, I felt like my life was about to change. && it sure did.To make things clear : I know it wasent because of the damn haircut , lol. I remember it was finally when I felt the desire to love again, but to love someone who deserved me. I remember that single summer like it was yesterday. I dated here & there - and got to meet many people who taught me so much about myself & what I wanted and did not want in a man. I found many of my talents and strengths through this period of time also. I found my love for hiphop,poetry, and blogging. I found a love for LIFE. No, not because I was out partying - but also because I had more me time. Like every bad breakup it did not quickly end, it was still lingering - but the difference was it did not phase me. I was so strong that his words, nor actions did anything to me. I was longing for a different kind of love & finally realized I had to learn to love me first, and do things I loved, and not what HE loved. This is why I choose this picture of myself. It was the first step to loving myself.

Everyone who believes I put too much of my business into this post ...Oh well. I write the truth, I write what I want, I write about my life & my past because it was what made me, me - right now. Dont like it ? Dont read it.

As for the people who appreciated this post - Love you for the support ! <3

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thereshegoesxxxx said...

love this post!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! By the way I really love that haircut on you. It suites you too well.