Whats in my diaper bag ?

So this post was a request given to me by a mommy to be , so here you go future mommys & mommies....

The diaper bag I have is the carter bumble bee !
I usually just bring two of everything
- two pacifiers in my Eddie Bauer pacifier pod
- two burping clothes
- two bibs
- wet wipes
- diapers
- two onesies ( In case he gets all dirty ! )
- two pairs of socks ( If he gets cold )
- two knit hats
- hand sanitizer (For yourself, VERY important ! )
- pacifier thermometer
- hair comb
- squirt bottle of water ( when its hot out )
- toy rattle football
- light blanket ( I use it to cover his eyes/head when the sun hits )

I also obviously bring with us usually two bottles && his favorite blanket which is pretty thick, so its good for when we go into stores & its a bit cold. I couldnt take a picture of it with all the stuff because he was of course using it as he slept & I was taking the pictures for this blog but this is it :

Also these are the baby bottles I use, and really recommend :

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stephyy mel said...

by far the cutest whats in my bag post!