Time is going too fast !

Sooo many of my lovely followers have been dying for this post. && I dont mind showing off my cutie patootie ! <3 Lol. Jace is going to be 2months already on the 13th ! Its going TOO fast if you ask me. He smiles sooo much , and hes slowly starting his baby talk already. He does this little yell whenever people arent paying attention to him, its the cutest thing EVER. He has such a personality for a little baby, and he is SUPER active. He holds his head up just fine without help, and grips everything with his tiny little hands. He rolls himself over to the side, and he can do a whole 360 laying down in the bed, so he is def never left alone on a bed when hes up. Lol. He has changed so much in my eyes, besides his apparent weight gain. He has already choosen a favorite blankie that he cant sleep without , how funny is that ? Lol. I have honestly never ever felt a love like this.

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