Its like walking on pillows...

I have been dying to get a pair of Happy Feet Sneaker Slippers ever since I saw them way back in the mall one day , and forgot all about them. Randomly one day the boyfriend was watching old re runs of Jersey Shore & I saw Snooki wearing them , so I decided it was about time for me to google them bad boys & get me a pair asap ! I went on to the first website that popped up && it shows a special edition leopard print slippers made by the one and only Snooki herself. I decided I NEEDED to have these - just because I LOVE prints ! ESP Leopard ! I ordered them and they came in the mail in just 4 days wait ! I have been wearing them since ! I love how comfy they are. You may be thinking im crazy for wearing them when its blazing hot outside...but indoors my place is pretty cold due to the AC always being on, and I get cold VERRRY easily. These things are definitely one of my best & favorite investments I have made lately !

Want a pair ? Find them here :

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Anonymous said...

They just LOOK comfy.