10 day challenge : four books.

This one was tough , because I LOVEEEE to read & I have read way too many books to just bring it down to 4 , but I did my best.

If you want a good laugh :

Something to make you think :

Something to bring you back to life :

To spark your poetic side :

Whats in my diaper bag ?

So this post was a request given to me by a mommy to be , so here you go future mommys & mommies....

The diaper bag I have is the carter bumble bee !
I usually just bring two of everything
- two pacifiers in my Eddie Bauer pacifier pod
- two burping clothes
- two bibs
- wet wipes
- diapers
- two onesies ( In case he gets all dirty ! )
- two pairs of socks ( If he gets cold )
- two knit hats
- hand sanitizer (For yourself, VERY important ! )
- pacifier thermometer
- hair comb
- squirt bottle of water ( when its hot out )
- toy rattle football
- light blanket ( I use it to cover his eyes/head when the sun hits )

I also obviously bring with us usually two bottles && his favorite blanket which is pretty thick, so its good for when we go into stores & its a bit cold. I couldnt take a picture of it with all the stuff because he was of course using it as he slept & I was taking the pictures for this blog but this is it :

Also these are the baby bottles I use, and really recommend :


25 things that irritate me ....

1. Having people wait up on me.
2. No HOT water to shower ! Grr.
3. When someone makes plans ; yet does not care to call & say they cant anymore.
4. When people act like there NOT texting while speaking to you on the phone; lol.
5. People who stare real hard on trains/buses.
6. A person who can lie straight to your face; without feeling guilt.
7. When my phone freezes on me :(
9. People who are way too cocky ; for no good reason.
10. When guys REALLY think girls arent better at "the game" than them. =X we ARE. sorry.
11. Guys/Girls who are over the top clingy to there boyfriend/girlfriends.
12. People who ignore answering serious questions.
13. Guys who wear shades at night ! Please; just stop.
14. When my room is messy; I cant sleep in a messy room.
15. Frames/Pictures on the wall are not straight.
16. Drunk ANNOYING people; who swear up & down that there NOT drunk.
17. Girls who act like super slut buckets.
18. Guys that holla at you on the street ; and then when you walk away from them automatically you hear " your not even cute bitch " --uhuh. lol.
19. Getting followed around a store ; like im gunna steal something. DO I LOOK LIKE IM GOING TO STEAL YOUR DOLLAR NECKLACES?
20. When I go to a mets game; and they lose :(
21. Trying stuff on in fitting rooms ; too much of a hassle for me. LOL.
22. Forgetting I have makeup on & rub my eyes =/
23. Real cute guys ... that have no brains; very unfortunate.
24. Doing something for someone; and not getting a thankyou.
25. Caddy girls/guys , who want to start stuff or "not like" someone for no real reason.

25 randoms about me :)

1.I save all my fortune cookie papers
2. I really do enjoy playing video games
3. my underwear always has to match my bra -- OCD? i think.
4. I have more than 30 pairs of shoes
5. When I was younger I wanted to change my name to KIMBERLY? lol.
6. I cant sleep by a mirror, ever.
7. I say I know what I want ...but most of the time I DONT.
8. Flowers can change my mood right away.
9. I clean every night before I go to bed, or else I wont be able to sleep
10. I enjoy my conversations with tmobile reps on the phone. LOL.
11.I usually act like a complete bitch when im at a club; so guys wont approach me =X
12. I enjoy cleaning the dishes.
13. Icecream is always what im craving for.
14.I hate being ignored; something I cannot stand.
15. I have been keeping a diary since the age of 10.
16. Im writing a novel; and soon enough a memoir..hmm stay tuned.
17. Im trying to be more spontaneous & live life for the moment..im doing good :)
18. I love love kids; they make me smile more than anything.
19. Sleeping during thunderstorms is the best.
20. I know all the lyrics word by word of JAY Z & NAS.. test me!
21. I care for others a lot ; even if they do me wrong. I forgive too easily.
22. I dont take what other people think about me to the heart; I love myself for who I am.
23. Im actually really goofy && ditzy
24. I sing a lot during the day...in my house. LOL.
25. I shower 2 sometimes 3 times a day; OCD AGAIN? yeah.


LOVING this mixtape. Wale does it again for me !!Poetry to my ears <3

Three Films .....

10 day challenge : 3 films !

my best friends wedding was always my favorite, all time movie...not only because Julia Roberts is my favorite actress , and Cameron comes in 2nd....but because it was different then usual, and it just never gets old to me. I can watch it all the time. I remember way back my best friend actually got it for me as a present for my bday on VCR. Lol

Why did I get married , is just a real deep movie that helps me understand marriage a bit more... ( me being the anti marriage kind, lol ) and it actually makes you realize how important some things are to make a marriage strong &&& keep going !

Then there's Raising Victor Vargas which I just love because it shows how beautiful NYC is. Also because Victor Vargas just reminds me of the many bad boys I have encountered in my life. Lol. Its a funny movie with an urban twist, that many people living and growing up in NYC can relate to !


I have just been reading this for about two days..Im already on Chapter 8. From what I have read I really do like this book. I mean to believe it , im not to sure of ....but it does have a deep sense of spirituality...and I feel it makes me believe & see that prayer and positivity is all it takes for blessings to arrive. It is written in different perspectives , sometimes through the little boy himself, his father, pastor, mother, && others that helped during the whole situation. I dont want to give too much away. But once I am done with it completely I will review it for you guys :)



where words fail,music speaks.

10 day Challange : Two Songs !

Now this one was tough , cus my life is music. I get all my inspiration through it, so to be allowed to just choose two songs.....was HARD. I did my best to choose two that really really mean a LOT to me. Here ya go ....

This song just reminds me I dont gotta be no one but myself, and thats just fine. Reminds me also that the people who really do love me like they say , will be there at the end no matter what.

This is just a classic. Puts me in a good mood, and just wish that their was still music out like this !


Say Cheese :)

I have decided to do a challenge , to see if that can possibly keep my blog a bit more update than I have been able to do lately. Idk if I can really do it , but I sure will try. Lol.

The first post has to be of One picture of myself so here it goes :

This isnt a recent picture, this was actually taken sometime in 2008. I choose this picture because it has a significant meaning in my life. This was taken the very first day I cut my hair super short for the first time. This may sound a but cliche but eff it - I remember cutting it because I wanted a change. It was around the time where I was going through a bad break up with someone I considered my first love. It was that " Oh you love my long hair, well im cutting it all off cus I don't give a damn what you like on me - kinda feeling " ! lmao. I remember how empowering it felt to do something he did not want me to do. It was a rebellious feeling of wanting out of the shitty situation. I felt sexy, I felt strong, I felt like my life was about to change. && it sure did.To make things clear : I know it wasent because of the damn haircut , lol. I remember it was finally when I felt the desire to love again, but to love someone who deserved me. I remember that single summer like it was yesterday. I dated here & there - and got to meet many people who taught me so much about myself & what I wanted and did not want in a man. I found many of my talents and strengths through this period of time also. I found my love for hiphop,poetry, and blogging. I found a love for LIFE. No, not because I was out partying - but also because I had more me time. Like every bad breakup it did not quickly end, it was still lingering - but the difference was it did not phase me. I was so strong that his words, nor actions did anything to me. I was longing for a different kind of love & finally realized I had to learn to love me first, and do things I loved, and not what HE loved. This is why I choose this picture of myself. It was the first step to loving myself.

Everyone who believes I put too much of my business into this post ...Oh well. I write the truth, I write what I want, I write about my life & my past because it was what made me, me - right now. Dont like it ? Dont read it.

As for the people who appreciated this post - Love you for the support ! <3

10 day Challenge !


Time is going too fast !

Sooo many of my lovely followers have been dying for this post. && I dont mind showing off my cutie patootie ! <3 Lol. Jace is going to be 2months already on the 13th ! Its going TOO fast if you ask me. He smiles sooo much , and hes slowly starting his baby talk already. He does this little yell whenever people arent paying attention to him, its the cutest thing EVER. He has such a personality for a little baby, and he is SUPER active. He holds his head up just fine without help, and grips everything with his tiny little hands. He rolls himself over to the side, and he can do a whole 360 laying down in the bed, so he is def never left alone on a bed when hes up. Lol. He has changed so much in my eyes, besides his apparent weight gain. He has already choosen a favorite blankie that he cant sleep without , how funny is that ? Lol. I have honestly never ever felt a love like this.

Get your Nerd On !

LOVE my glasses , && you can get your own here at : www.girlprops.com


1 month goal !

I have a month to do all on my bucketlist before I am consumed with school work , && lesson plans !

- Have my first bulldog @ Block heads
- Date night with Babydaddy
- Tan !
- Beach morning
- Picnic
- Family Portraits
- Photoshoot
- Two new Spoken word videos
- First ever fishbowl
- Red Lobster !!!
- Hair change
- Photobooth pictures !
- Write two songs ( Any artist looking for a lyricist, contact me ;) ! )
- Girls night out !
- WORKOUT - I got 10 pounds to lose !
- Poolside time
- Finish up interviews for Website
- Coney Island - Luna Park
- Rollerblading
- Bike Ride

Can I do it ? Ehh. We will see ;)

Eventful End of Summer

I am really looking forward to September , its the first time I actually did not care for the summer time ! I was much more interested on my munchkin <3 Cant wait to finally go back to work && to school. BUT before that happens there are some great events I will be attending, that I am so ecstatic about --->

1. Rock the Bells

I will be hearing these GREAT performers :

2. Power Live , Where I will be hearing :

What more can I ask for ??? Seriously ?

Its like walking on pillows...

I have been dying to get a pair of Happy Feet Sneaker Slippers ever since I saw them way back in the mall one day , and forgot all about them. Randomly one day the boyfriend was watching old re runs of Jersey Shore & I saw Snooki wearing them , so I decided it was about time for me to google them bad boys & get me a pair asap ! I went on to the first website that popped up && it shows a special edition leopard print slippers made by the one and only Snooki herself. I decided I NEEDED to have these - just because I LOVE prints ! ESP Leopard ! I ordered them and they came in the mail in just 4 days wait ! I have been wearing them since ! I love how comfy they are. You may be thinking im crazy for wearing them when its blazing hot outside...but indoors my place is pretty cold due to the AC always being on, and I get cold VERRRY easily. These things are definitely one of my best & favorite investments I have made lately !

Want a pair ? Find them here :


Happy August Followers :)

So its August already....time goes by quick.

Some updates :

Jace is now 1month & 3 weeks old, he is sleeping a whole lot more & making baby noises here and there ( cutest thing ever ! ) he has gained a whole lot. He went from 5lbs to 10lbs already. The most adorable chunky monkey ive ever seen in my life, haha. I cant really put into words how much I am loving motherhood. Heck yeah its HARD work - but the feeling I get when I stare at him smile at me , is just - priceless.

I registered for classes - & begin September 10th. I am very excited, miss my campus. Hopefully all goes well, I have never taken weekend classes before.

Got tickets for Rock the Bells <3 && I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hyped for that. Really hoping some special guest performances show up !

Everything has been great , I cant complain. God has opened up so many doors & blessed me in so many ways. Its not always perfect , but thats life.

Hope all my followers are having a lovely day & a great week ahead <3