damn that mother-chucker <3

Sooo , its 4AM on the DOT. I have work tommorow at 2PM .... and I just cant seem to fall asleep. UGHH ! Lol. Of course my boredom led to youtube. I found this, which just made me remember how amazingly gorgeous this guy is. Ed Westwick also known as Chuck from GossipGirl. I swear I cannot go a monday without watching this show, ive become a full blown fanatic for it . LOL. I just love how its really shot in NYC. But yes I am deeply inlove with Chuck ...his character in the show. Hes like the bad ass ....the bad boy you love to hate, and you know hes no good for you. In real life though he has this accent, and ohemgee ..... theres something about a man with an accent , thats just wow to me.


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stephyy said...

Lol. I like Chuck Bass his character is awesome!! and I love gossip girl!!! Your so lucky you live in NY lol and thnks for the comment btw!! I've nvr seen "definitely, maybe" Ill check it out :)