tyra banks show =)

A lady from the tyra show called me today to tell me she has three tickets for me to come to the tyra show on March 10th. I am SUPPPER excited. I love the tyra show , I just hope its not some stupid sad story one. I would dieeee if its like someone famous coming on the show. Tyras shows are also known for giving her audience free stuff =X Soo lets pray its one of those. LMAO. She said me && my two best friends have to be there before 10am and its two recordings , so TWO seperate shows =) and it ends by like 2:30PM. I am so hyped, if you read my blogs below -- the tyra show was on my list of things to do in 2009 so yeyy for me !

That reallllly brightened up my day, cus I was odee upset when I got an unexpected call .... but thats a bit too personal for blogger. Lets just say my mood was reallll horrible before && to find that out it made it much better. I also went to Mcdonalds with my wifey ( no im not lesbo, i just call my bestfriend that ) and I seen that happy meals were giving out hello kitty watches so I just hadd too !

Anywayss ; ima go clean up my room && try keeping myself calm cool && collective. Trying not to blow up on people as bad as I want to =) loll.


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gotNANI? said...

omigoshhhh !

i love the tyra banks show .
i wish i could go.
thats so exciting :)

stephyy said...

awe lol congrats girly! I wonder if your allowed to take pictures while your at the showw :x and those happy meals @ mikey D's are awesome!! I got hello kitty one too!

A.R. said...

congrats on the tickets, but i can't stand tyra, lol. she's so extra all the time.

iM.R0Ni said...

aww i watch the tyra show sometimes. its cool. but im not in new york so i wont b able to go.

Rai said...

Ohh lucky you! Hopefully it's an
interesting topic for both shows.

I love Tyra!

Anonymous said...

thats so tight
i used 2 watch her show every day after school until i started having practice ugh
hope u have fun!!!!