feeling all whacked-out.

So I have definitely been on my whole fuck love mood .....I'm not sure if its because its February the month of love and all that . But Ive just been soo blahhh , like everyday I wake up and Im just like ughh . I cant stand seeing couples on the train ; and when my friends speak on there significant others im just so un- interested.. not because im jealous or anything, I love seeing my friends happy and all ...but IDK. I do have this guy im interested in ...and he seems so different from guys I USUALLY get with. ( But isnt that how it always starts? "hes soo different" && then a couple months pass && true colors start showing ...? ) or am I just being too cautious? Ive been through a lot with guys. One too many assholes. My friends are all like I gotta give it time, if I dont give it a shot I will never know if hes another asshole or if he really will be a rare one. Its just scary to know I have to throw myself into a situation, and end up getting hurt maybe. Im letting my past really affect me though a lot more than ever. I never call him, and sometimes when he calls I ignore it. Honestly we only speak if he calls me and stuff. Im scared hes going to be like im putting so much work and effort into it & shes not so fuck it you know ? Im so confused on what to do. I think ima just let it flow ....and see what comes out of it.

whats the worst that can happen ....
either way im gunna learn something from it
right ?



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Little Miss Knobody said...

Right! {What?} you learn is the question.

Nique_ Famous* said...

Don't let the past affect you I've done it and it took me on a road to no where real fast. You have to be more aware of the signs and if being with new dude does feel right follow your intuition its always right. Love isn't rushed and it always show up when your not looking.

keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club! All I could say is let it happen. Don't stress yourself out. Oh by the way I noticed your a fan of sarcasm! Hell yes! lol