the year 2009.

There are so many things I want to do this year; so many goals I want to accomplish. I have one more week left at work considering they are laying people off .....so now I have more time to do things I've been wanting to do for a while now.

1. Handle stuff with school - I seriously miss college. I am such a nerd when it comes to school; a total perfectionist. I was like A student, and everything I excelled in it or I wouldn't even bother handing it in. I was on honor roll && all that. Unfortunately due to financial aid issues I have been forced to wait it out ....but hopefully by August once I talk my way out of things I will be back on my nerd status. LOL.

2. Join a Gym - Now that I will have time to actually attend a gym I am planning on signing up with my tax return money, LOL. I feel like I was much happier when I was going to the gym. They do say that running makes you a much happier person, less stress due to the production of endorphins. I used to do Yoga while I was attending Kingsborough College .... but it wasn't quite my thing, LOL. So im just going to stick to maybe going for a run every morning && then hitting the gym so basic weight lifting; bike running, and treadmill.

3. Free Arts NYC - This is some volunteer work I have been VERY interested in doing. Every saturday in NYC you can apply to take a few hours of your morning to pair up with a child ( elementary school aged ) and you can join them into making really cool art stuff...painting, sculpting, coloring, ETC. It just seems really interesting and like something I would highly enjoy considering I right now work with childern, and sooner or later will be a NYS Teacher. Plus its always a great feeling to know you helped someone out and was able to put a smile on a little kids face.

4. Tyra Banks Show - YES, I am addicted to this show. I am not home when it on ...but you best believe I leave it recording so I have something to come home to. LOL. My friend once got tickets to go on the show but I had to work, and it was so depressing to me. I just recently signed up though for free tickets on her website for three different days so hopefully one will fall through for me :)

5. Tour NYC - So I have been living in NY my whole entire 22 years of living ....but I feel like I havent seen anything at all that represents NYC itself. Its like im a tourist in my own city. But its really because I just havent had the time. Now I can take advantage to go on walks in central park, enjoy museums and the central park zoo, the statue of liberty, empire state building, southstreet seaport, ride on a horse and carriage in cp, top of the rock, ride one of those double decker buses, maddame tussauds, ellis island, broadway shows, NY skyride, ripleys believe it or not, ride " the beast " ETC. NO I have yet to do any of those things..sad I know ! LOL. and I call myself a New Yorker !

6. Sex & the City Tour - I was trying to do this last year for my birthday , but it seemed to not work out as planned. So this year it just has to happen. Im planning on doing it in May when my cousin come down from Florida , since I know shes a huge fan of the show too. It would be something great to show her , and we can both enjoy it together. It will deffinately be a girls night out on the town that we can always remember.

7. Driving Classes - I need to step my game up when it comes to this , because I am in need of a car badly. The thing is no one has had time to give me driving classes. I already have my permit && that five hour class ceritificate, I just need to sign up for the road test... but am in no way ready to take it yet. So hopefully I can convince someone to give me a few classes, or its off to a driving school for atleast five days since I have driven before. I plan to have my license before I turn 22 in May.

8. Attend church more - I used to go to church every single sunday, and I wouldnt miss it for anything. I just really do enjoy it. But with work and just so much stress I started being too grumpy and too tired to wakeup and take a bus out there. Now I have nothing stopping me. So I can go praise and worship a whole lot more now <3 I am also going to start using youtube for some bible study videos ( along with other cool stuff too).

9. Get my first Tattoo - I have been wanting to FOR THE LONGEST. But I chicken out all the time....I plan on getting in script writing " God is Love "... the o in Love being heart shapped though. Either on my wrist or on the back of my neck. Or I can get something little and just get a small Jesus fish...which is plain and simple. I am not so sure yet, I guess we will see.

10. Free Hugs Campaign - Im not so sure if you all have heard about this, but it caught my interest when I randomly saw it on youtube. Its when you sign up and go to orientations, to become part of a team that just walks around NYC with signs that say FREE HUGS. Its just to symbolize that one hug can go a long way, even if its from a stranger. People have bad days all the time, and you cant front sometimes you just need a hug to make you feel better. I like doing things that just make other people happy , its a great feeling to know you were somehow able to affect a complete stranger with one small gesture. The orientation is on March 7th & the day of the campaign is March 20th and 21st. Heres the video down here to show you what it basically is.

Theres plenty other stuff I would love to do this year but those are just some im really aiming for. So my blogs will soon be getting much more interesting , with pictures and videos on all that goes on :) . If you guys have any other suggestions of things you think I should do , things you have done that youve enjoyed yourself, or volunteer work that you know of please let me know. I will take any suggestions. I want to make this a year I will forever remember, and know that I waisted none of my time during it.

God bless you all && take care !


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