Valentines Day.

Happy valentines Day everyone. I was pretty gloomy about this day coming around , lol but my wifey made it better for me. Yesterday in the mail I got a card from her labeled " from your secret admirer " I was so nervous thinking it was some stalker LOL. But it was her , mind you she lives right next door ( weve been best friends since we were in diapers ). She made me realize we dont need a guy to complete us , valentines day has to do with love in general && friendships. SOO me and her decided to hit the city tonight && watch " He's Just not that into you " since we both read the book together, and absolutely loved it ! Then we are going to go eat most likely at apple bees and have some martinis :). I will put up pictures for sure soon !

Not saying it in a cocky way or anything , but I could have easily had a valentine today ...just decided not to. The guy I was talking to recently wanted to do something for me ...but I really felt it was way too early for all that. Plus theres just so much I am dealing with when it comes to insecurities, trust, and my health more so. Alot I have been slacking on ; that I feel I want to fix before I get myself involved with anyone. I know hes probably upset and thinks I am full of games .... but in reality im not trying to play games with him. I just want to get everything out of the way so I can really be me when I am with him. I dont wanna be hanging out with him and stressing other things, and being moody and bitchy everytime. It would deff throw him off, lol. Id rather be my happy free spirited self when I hang out with him. Which is why I am holding back. I want this valentines day week to just be done, I need to get myself back into church ...because it seriously gives me back my peace of mind. Start doing things I once enjoyed and loved doing , I havent had the time to do anything I enjoy which is why I have been so moody ( minus the birth control pills I was taking to control my period) LOL. Guess it was all just wrong timing ? =/

But yeah now im just ranting, SO im going to stopp. I will re-edit later on tonight when I get back home!


Happy Valentines Day; Enjoyy <3