Im very picky when it comes to my music , as you all know im not a fan of the whole minaj hype. When it comes to Female mc's - we are lacking ! I found this artist randomly online checking youtube videos,and everything I heard was real. I felt every word she spit - & thats how I know when im listening to good music, when you can feel the pain spill through the lyrics - and it reaches deep down into your pain & your struggle. I loved her lyricism more and more after each video. So def check her out --> http://www.youtube.com/user/alysssaMariiie
follow her on twitter -- > http://www.twitter.com/alysssamariiie

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Judith Mercado said...

Loved it.

La Cabrona said...

obviously i listen to more beaner inspired ranchero music... bt i love a lot of real mc's , i like some of niky's songs bt not to much, she and lil kim had some beef.. bt this girl is bad ass! gonna go youtube some more!

Anonymous said...

she's nice!