Friendships lost, Friendships gained.

I think everyone can agree that a friendship is a lot more special, than any relationship you can gain with a man. They hurt a lot more when they are lost then a relationship with a boyfriend too !

Through out my life I have never been that kind of girl the changes up best friends, or friends in general...not because I am anti social , but because I think a friendship takes time to build a significant bond with one another that no one else can really understand.

Back in High School I had two really close bestfriends. I never lost them, but it was as though our bond was slipping away..why? Because at the time I had a boyfriend who made me feel tied down, like I couldnt have any friends. I admit I was not forced, but certain things he would say about my friends and the fact that he never really liked them , made things pretty awkward for me. Especially since he had no real reasons at all. Turns out to be he was just a really jealous, and controlling person at the end of it all.

But I missed out on a lot because of that, my whole senior year could have been a lot different. I went to prom , with him - so it did not really feel like prom to me. I was happy with him, but nothing compares to your girls. I chose sides , so I felt I had to live with that forever.

Now years later, these same two girls I can luckily say are my friends. I remember how much I so badly wanted them to forgive me for the way I picked him over their friendship, and it was a hard change to go through. I am blessed that these females have beautiful hearts and decided to reconnect with me , even more so now that I am expecting a little one.

Then there's my best friends since diapers. I have known these girls since I was playing with barbies, and having nap time in kindergarten. Lol. Its been a rough road trying to stay where we were, especially once we all left our comfort zone to start college, and no longer all live in the same building as we did for years. We went through struggles, about miscommunication, to slacking on having girls days/nights, and feeling as sides were choosen, and others being left out. In the end of it all - I would never change my best friends, ever.

I have grown to be that person that REALLY appreciates her friends, and never ever wants to let them down. If it were up to me I would see these girls once or twice every week, but unfortunately were grown adults and have many priorities to go through...but speaking to them every day is what keeps me going when hardships come my way. I have became that girl that will drop plans with my boyfriend, to see my friends...why? Because I can see my boyfriend every single day if I wanted to, I dont get to see my friends as much - so when ever I get that chance, I will take it.

I love my relationship, and I love my boyfriend....but I think every female knows that you cant live with just that. You need your girls. I am happy to say that my boyfriend is far from the way my ex used to be, and thats always a plus when your in a relationship - a man that lets you be with whom you want to be. Lets you have friendships, and does not get jealous or feel they will lose you through it.

So this post is just to let my friends know how much I truely do appreciate them, they can NOT be replaced. I really am blessed & grateful to have you all in my life - and especially the ones that have recently made such an effort to bring our friendship back to where it used to be.

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Miss C i n d i a * said...

Aww this entry was really sweet, and brought up a lot of good points. You are very blessed to have such great understanding friends. I must say, that you and I have that ex in common. Mine used to be jealous even of my family. And, I could never hang with him and my friends, it would be so awkward, since he'd always feel some type of way "You don't talk to me much. You talk to them more." Like really? Smh. Glad we're with men that are more secure at this point of their lives.

La Cabrona said...

awww i am sorry mija i missed out on my whole senior year too.. and my bf is like 7 years older than me so i didnt even take him to prom... i regret losing out on a lot of my friends. but the ones frm diapers are the ones who stuck around for me when i needed them most.

Anonymous said...

awe, super sweet post! and i agree with you 100% it's just some people don't know how to appreciate and value friendships!

salwar kameez said...

Nice article.. thanks for sharing...

Miss Esspi. ♥ said...

Your ex reminds me of my own from high school. I too think my junior/senior year would have been way different if I had focused less on having a boyfriend, and more on everything/everyone equally. I really want my daughter having a serious relationship when she's in high school :/. Anyhow, you are definitely very blessed. It would be nice to reconnect with friends at least once a week... adult life definitely is not what I had expected LOL.