HK Private Sephora Event !

I wanted to go crazy when I saw this in a email sent to me about the private 2 day event , but decided I wouldnt ! I got one thing, and I am veryyy happy I got it. I use it daily lately !

Its the Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit retailed at $25.00. Here are the colors :

Goodnight Dreams Black
Grape Juice Purple
Chocolate Milk Brown
Happy Cloud White
Blueberry Navy
Bicycle Teal green
Blue Sky Bright light blue

The way it just glides on to my bottom waterline without any pressure, is great. I love that it is the exact colors which it shows to be on the products themself also. It was a great buy - & can not wait till mid January for the rest to come out in stores, because I will be getting the rest of it :)

3 showing love:

- Cynthia.Lee said...

omg I WANT IT!!!

Anonymous said...

awe, it's hello kitty, how pretty!

Esspee. said...

Love it!