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I love doing post like these, about inspiring people that I feel deserve to be known...and luckily they are loved ones in my life currently motivating me to be the best me I can be. I was blessed to meet the lovely Alison Stumpf, an amazing makeup artist that brings magic to makeup.

BIO: A make-up artist at the game for five years now, currently residing in her hometown of New York City. As a child, her grandmother would give her fake facials and pretend to put make-up on her, perhaps the fascination began then. It was not until the age of twenty that she was able to revisit that fascination; she embarked on an amazing journey and realized her true passion in life, make-up! She entered The Learning Institute of Beauty Sciences, (now Empire Beauty School) and was beyond excited and grateful to have an amazing instructor who brought out the natural talents she already had, and instilled great knowledge she uses to this day. Since then she has loved every minute of her journey in this field, from creating walking canvases in photo shoots to applying make-up in previous retail jobs she has had. She never takes for granted the amazing GOD given talent she was graced with, and is grateful and respects all that have come before and paved the way. Being the determined born and raised New Yorker that she is, she is constantly looking to grow and become better. She never wants to look back and say I didn't excel or give everything she has to something she feels so passionate about. She has a hunger and drive to show the world what she is made of, she believes knowledge is power and, knowledge to a creative soul is limitless. Devoted to her talent, and to set an example to those just picking up a make-up brush, using her time and talent to help others is her goal. She has seen the healing ability there is in just a brush stroke and was deeply rewarded by those experiences. She will never give up on her dream, no matter how long it takes to reach excellence, she wants to break down all doors to see what she and others are capable of, in order to reach accomplishments.


What inspires you ?
A: * My past, and the future, possibilities of what is yet to come, and knowing I can help, teach or touch someone's life with my talent.

Something you still want to do in life and why?

A: *This is actually a personal goal, and not professional. I want to be a mom. I have always wanted to be one, so I have someone to keep me alive when I am no longer here. To give them the world! Essentially an eternal purpose in life.

How did you find out makeup was your passion?

A: *I always did make-up on myself, I actually wanted to be an illustrator, comic book artist. A former boyfriend of mine, told me I didn't really have those skills in drawing, and encouraged me to look into make-up. I was like hey you know what I should, within a year I was in beauty school. Not to give him credit. LOL. The rest is history, I became engrossed in the industry and those who paved the way for me.

An artist/person you would love to do their makeup one day ? Why

A: * WOW. Great question. I would love to do a fantasy/ sci-fi look on Kim Kardashian. That would be so interesting. Also to pick her brain a bit, she has a great business mind. I look up to her she is a great example of a hard working entrepreneur. When asked why I started Lipstick Manifesto, I used her as an example. I want to build a brand like she has for herself. KIM GET IN TOUCH WITH ME LOL.

A place you want to visit and why?

A: * Germany. I already got to go to Puerto Rico. I want to go visit the places that are my nationalities.

A quote or saying you live by ?

A: * I have two. " Let it be" & " Everything happens for a reason". My Grandma Mary always said that.

A song that you think sums up your life?

A: * Frou Frous's "Let Go", Coldplay's "Don't Panic" ,& U2's "Walk On" . I have many more though.

What would you tell an aspiring makeup artist or a young teenager experimenting with makeup? Lessons, advice etc.

A: * First thing I would say is the never give up! Whenever you feel it can't be done, just apply yourself and keep going. Throw yourself into your talent and do not let anything get in the way. I wish I would have made moves earlier than 20, but I was distracted. STAY FOCUSED & WORK HARD , and your dreams will unravel right before you. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Early on in my career, I did many photo shoots for free, and to gain experience. Build your portfolio right away, you can always add on or edit it later on. Shoot for the stars! Have FAITH & HOPE ALWAYS!

Where can we see you ? Contact you ?

Every month I do beauty shows, throughout New York. You can check my website for updates in the events sections. And I will be doing seminars very soon! www.LipstickManifesto.com
I can be reached by e-mail as well alinycmu@aol.com


*Alison Stumpf

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i think make up artist need to be recognized as well! great post!

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