Happy New Year !

my new years resolution :

Besides stay healthy for me & the baby - PLUS be the BEST mommy ever ----

** Get my poetry book published ! I would love to do that by may but there is a lot going on right now, so I will be kind to myself and allow myself a whole year ! Lol.

my family & I made a box for our 2011 predictions. Things we think will happen in the year 2011 , to us and others. Its a really fun thing to do , we write it all down tape it up & put em in a box. We are not allowed to open them till the next new years eve. I got the idea actually from season 1 of one tree hill , Lol. I used to do it with my bestfriends each year , but it was something that faded - so I decided to do it again with my boyfriend & family ! :)

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ilsteviewonder said...

awww so pretty!!! i love your dress and adorable baby ! :D

Anonymous said...

You look really pretty in the photo of the dress! cute baby :)

Miss C i n d i a * said...

you look so pretty preggo!