Prego Update !

I am officially 1/2 way through my pregnancy @ 20 Weeks ! The boyfriend & I went to find out the sex of the baby on Thursday morning ....It is a beautiful baby boy ! We had picked out the name a whille ago , and he will be named Jace. (NO I did not get it from teen mom -_- ! I just found out theres a baby on the show with the same name, but its okay because my baby will be better ! Lol I chose the name for its meaning which in greek it means Healer,its also a variant short form for Jason which stands for "the Lord is my salvation".

I have a really hard time sleeping now that he is up and moving all the time, I feel him kicking and moving all the time , randomly as im falling into deep sleep on the train he will give me a good kick to wake me up. Lol. Its an unexplainable feeling to just feel a tiny little foot push up on your belly.

I never expected to be a mommy any time soon , but I am happy I am. I had a bad feeling I was not able to concieve ,due to certain health issues...so this just makes me the happiest person ever.

I feel God put me through trials and tribulations before to test & see if I was ready for this to be put in my life. I was put in a situation where I had to basically help raise my baby brother, at the age of 14. I gained so much patience and love for children during that time.

Then my father got remarried and had Baby Lucas in September of 2009. I grew so attached to him, and spend many days with him where I lost sleep bathing him, feeding him, etc. But I loved every single second of it. I would keep myself up just to stare at him sleep, and I think God saw how ready & how happy it would make me ..that he felt it was that time for me. I know I will be an amazing mother, because I know the difference.

I know that giving birth is not what makes you a mother. You really have to work for that title. You have to be a mother through actions & words. You cant just call yourself a mother..you have to really be one, no acting necessary.

I know I will love him beyond words, because I did the minute I saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test. Also because he was concieved in love. I am inlove with Jace's father, and I am very lucky to know & feel that he is as inlove with me also. Call me crazy - but I believe that will just never change. From the minute I found out I was pregnant, our bond has grown SO much. I dont claim to have a perfect relationship - because thats just impossible. But I was very blessed to have found someone that loves all of me , even my flaws. I found someone that throws his pride to the side, and was capable to help me do the same. Ive never been in such a mature, and unconditionally loving relationship , as I am now. A man that has no shame holding my purse for me, I dont know about you but thats a keeper to me. Lol. He would do just about anything to make me happy, and thats how I know he will be an amazing father to Jace.

I am currently planning my babyshower, with the help of my cousins & my mother. I am pretty set on the theme, but I guess we will see. I have decided to go with photo invitations, which one of my great friends will be doing a photoshoot to use two of the photos for the invites. I also asked one of my good friends that makes her own collage journals to makes me one for Jace. A journal in which I will keep to write letters to Jace, day by day - even after he is born - so that when he gets older he can read them on his own. I will soon be working on a scrapbook with all my belly pictures :)

Pregnancy life has so far been good, besides the horrible symptoms , the moodyness - and urges to breakdown and cry for no real reason. Lol. I just keep reminding myself its the hormones and I must relax , no time to stress !

I will keep you guys updated once again, real soon !!!

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sasha said...

aww, congrats girl!! =D
keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Awww congrats, this blog post made me smile! God Bless you and your baby! <3

Anonymous said...

You two look adorable, and your glowing, and look radiant!

Anonymous said...

P.S the baby sonograms always get me :)

gor(jess). said...

Thank you girls , it means the world to me ! ...sonos are probably the BEST part of pregnancy. Lol

Miss C i n d i a * said...

I love pregnancy, I think women are most beautiful in that state. You are glowing, and you and your boyfriend make such a grat couple. Can't wait to see your son : )

jan said...

hey you..well its been awhile and dont ask me how i stumbled upon your site but i did and its great. from one mom to a mommy to be i wish you the best. enjoy these months cuz trust me you'll never forget them. every kick, all the sleepless nights, everything stays with you even after your babe is here. good luck with everything <3