Call me ♥ - Slum Village & Dwele.

I AM INLOVE WITH HIP HOP ; not this fake hiphop now. YES I admit I do listen to some songs that I honestly do not like but I listen to it cus there catchy - such as Gucci Mane ; 50 Cent; Kanye. But no offense - I miss the old school Hip Hop. The type that could keep you playing the song over and over & you can reminise on the first time you heard it & how you felt . You remember exactly what you were going through when you first heard it and how it impacted your life. I miss the old school hip hop that had pure meaning & just gave you that tingling butterflies in your stomach type of feeling. This is what this song does to me. Its deff one of my most favorites. I love both slum village & Dwele. They make music that touches the soul ; body &&& MIND.

Was our feelings supposed to disappear the minute we kept lost
Started out on a good foot then we eventually stepped off
Or is it just troubles that couples go through?
Mad on the phone can't hang up
But I'm hung up on you
Give me a call ♥

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