Happy 1/2 year ! :)

Today is me and the boyfriends 6month. I found him outside my job with these lovely flowers. It was the sweetest thing ever. My boyfriend is definately the most romantic & spontaneous guy I have yet to be with ; and I appreciate it a lot because not most guys are like that. As a girl I know us girls WANT boyfriends that are romantic ....but we dont expect it due to our shitty past relationships. Lol. So its amazing to have found someone like him ♥ Thankyou baby - SINCE I know you read my blog all the time haha :)




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8angel8 said...

aww that was so sweet of him. i wish the 2 of you the best!! & i dont mean luck because luck has nothing to do with it. so just love each other :)

xxxx said...

awwww happy 6 months anniversary. that is sweet of him to be outside your job with flowers..

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...

AWWWWWW, I have never been with a guy with somewhat spontaneity as me.

But, looks like you guys are happy. =]