NYC Graffiti ART ♥

I know there is a huge controversy that Graffiti is "not Art" ....well this is MY blog & I say Graffiti is most DEFINITELY ART. I love everything about it ; the colors ; the story behind it ; how each one is unique in its own way. All Graff artist also have there own different ways to show there art; and I think it is an amazing gift to have. I WISH I was a good painter/artist. I mean I have never tried .... but highly doubt I can considering my stick figures seem to suck. Lol. Its one of the main reasons why I enjoy taking the train & commuting places. You see a lot of Graff Art that you would not see if you were in a car. From underground train stations; to sky high buildings outside the train windows. I honestly do not feel like NY would be NY without Graffiti Art. It gives it that Rebel City feel, and gives NY its character and sophistication. There has been word that 5pointz in Queens will be closing down soon this year. But I have heard otherwise , that it is just the studios by it - but that 5pointz will still be open for artist like usual. I guess time will tell ; but if you have not gone yet ... do not wait it out & go check it out. Every single person can look at the same piece of art yet feel a COMPLETELY different way about it & gain a different story through it. Here are some pictures of NYC graff art ; most from 5pointz itself.

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