A tour of my Tiny yellow Cubicle !

Soo many people are amazed when they come into my room & find new things they like everytime they come in. Its veryyy out there; and not even done. I have been fixing up my room & giving it my own little twist for about two years now. I started with painting my walls from blue to bright yellow. I do ALOT of collage work; most with pictures of my own - & currently working on TWO new collage posters; that I will be posting up id say around the beginning of February. As of now here are some things -- Here are some pictures :) ENJOY.


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Anonymous said...

I love these ideas!!!! I have so many pictures...i love seeing my friends and family and things that motivate me on my daily grind!

gor(jess). said...

YESSS ; thats why i did it . its amazing to just have those things around you. its why i love being in my room ... it inspires me to blog; to write and all that :)