The old rules ; NO longer apply.


I got this postcard from the amazing lil goody bags at Womens Revolution's first meeting :) WHICH btw was GREATT. Everyone left tearing && excited for the next meetings to come. It is always good to be around positive & most of all INSPIRING woman. I really look up to ALL of those females.

This postcard saying really had my thoughts running wild. Its so true & I just wish other females around the world would realize it. We are now in a century where we have to speak up ; because NOW we are being heard. Its amazing how many men now in this world LOOK UP to females ; and realize that we are powerful & strong. Back in the days it was hard to get a man to say anything positive about a female. We were known as a person to take care of home & to conceive. Now we are SO much more than that & we have to stop acting other wise. I dont think we give eachother the credit we should give ourselves ; and we are still letting the OLD RULES apply to us. THERE IS NO SUCH THING ANYMORE ABOUT " WOMAN CANNOT DO THIS; WOMAN CANNOT DO THAT ". Woman can do anything & everything a man can do - well besides pee standing up I guess. Lol.

I have been fully inspired to give this world my all ; and not only show men what I am capable of ; but maybe inspire other woman to do and be all they can be also. It starts with one voice --- and then soon enough you got the whole world in your hands. Keep that in mind !

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

I could no agree more with what you wrote here Jessica. It is absolutely true, its time for us women to SHINE like the stars we are.