My Week is looking CRAZY.

Not only do I have work Monday - Friday. But there are many things coming up this week ; that I am just SUPPPPPER excited for.

Tommorow before work I am planning to go to barnes & noble or borders to catch up with my reading. Get me a good book, some magazines & other stuff. Then after work I will be going to Lucilles to sign up for the gym --- They have one right around my job that has belly dancing & Kickboxing at night ! So thats going to be fun & also great for my health & fitness.

Tuesday after work as always are the Revolution Ladies Nights ...which are always verrrry inspiring. We will be doing Spoken Word Poetry ; im excited to read my work & also listen to inspiring & strong woman read theres :)

Wednesday after work I will be attending a event ( RElaunching party) for 21-7 Magazine with some of my ladies from R.L.N ! Will be a great socializing event & seems like a lot of fun...besides the fact that its happy hour for one hour? Lol.

Thursday is actually my "relax day" I will be going early to re-admit myself to Kingsborough for the semester that starts in March & then going to work.

Friday after work I will be going to "Busted in Two Cities" where 30 artists were given a blank bust of a female form and told to create art. It show cases all of the finished artwork; SO its going to be pretty cool !

Saturday I have tutoring - then its my best guy friends birthday @ Branch in NYC && thats going to be pretty live. I havent gone clubbing in a while ....esp with loved ones so it will be a good time for sure.

Sunday is church ....relax for as much as I can ♥

I know Monday makes a new week ; but also its a new month. CANNOT believe it will be February after this week ends. I found out there will be a NO H8 event that day though ; and I will be going after work to support the cause and take part in the open photoshoot. Should be fun ; plus at the same time something I stand by 110% !

*** PLUS; everyone that knows me well knows that simple things make me happy - such AS ; packages :D ! I have ordered SOOOO many things online which I am waiting on..so hyped to be coming home to some stuff for me :)

Hope everyone has a blessed & amazing week !!!! ♥

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