Oldies but Goodies !

I wrote this about two years ago; maybe even three. I remember doing a spoken word on it & its just very deep. I have been trying to re - write it because if you dont know me I think its a lot harder to understand. It is basically me comparing my past relationship with my parents relationship/divorce. The HE's I speak of is obviously my EX & my father. SHE is when I speak on my mother. ENJOY ; I just found it randomly on my laptop :)

That’s When I Remember You.

He touches my face and stares into my eyes
He doesn’t want to hurt me yet still feeds me a bunch of lies
That’s when I remember you.
He compliments me from my hair to my dress
But I wonder if I gained a little, if he would love me less
That’s when I remember you.
He buys me my favorite flowers, and the card ends with love
Not sincerely, so does that make it less or above?
He teases me, and calls me cute names
He remembers everything I say, so is it really just a game?
That’s when I remember you.
He calls me to tell me how much I mean to him
But sometimes my hope leaves, and the light goes dim
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember you the most.
That’s when I remember you laying on the kitchen floor
just because he decided to leave us and walk out that door
He claimed he was in love with you; now all you have for show is me
& I cant help but wonder if he never left, where would we be?
Three years cant ever compare to fourteen
But what was the point of staying, when the love couldn’t even be seen?
He treats me just like he used to treat you
But if he leaves me like he left you.....then what will I do?
He sometimes forgets to call, he sometimes doesn’t call at all
That’s when I remember you.
I lost all my trust, I over analyze every single word
He’s seeing other girls, he’s going to leave me soon that’s what Ive heard
The man I put all my time and effort in walked out the door
For the same reasons he left you? I wonder, but ill never be sure
Now im back at square one, back to gaining my hope
Back to finding real love in someone else
Back to the happy life I used to live before him
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember you crying every night as I slept in the other room
throwing out everything that reminded you of him
pawning the wedding ring, it was all just a state of gloom
Now im following all your foot steps
Three years and I haven’t gotten over it
That’s when I remember you.
Six years and you haven’t gotten over it
He still doesn’t want you back
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember I don’t want to be you.
At least not anymore...
That’s when I remember.

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