Ambitious Girl.

Im a poet . So I fall in love with music that sounds more like poetry. This song did it for me for that reason ; and many more. I have always been real prideful of the fact that I am super duper independent - it has been the biggest issue in most of my relationships. Either I never have any time for the person since I am so ambitious to get everything I dream of going. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work ; when it comes to school ; && when it comes to my entrepreneur ventures. I want it all - && I know I can do it all so I go for whats mine. I dont mind if it means no sleep ; & sore feet. I feel accomplished every single day of my life - and thats one of the best feelings I think.

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Valerie said...

I just saw your comment about the purity cleanser! Defintitely try it! I think they have a $10 size at sephora so try that out and see how it goes =) Or if you do buy it at nordstrom they have a policy that you can return it any time if your not happy with it =) I have so many tips on how to help out your skin so if you need more info let me know! =)

And I love that you are so ambitious to get what you want! And I can relate to you on how your independent. I am definitely the same way and thankfully my boyfriend and I were best friends for 4 years before we got together so he was used to it but even when it comes to friends its problematic. So I can defintely relate to you on that, but hey it'll be worth it one day!

And I heard the song and I fell in love! I am no poet but I appreciate poetry! I admire that you are a poet and I am there right with you when it comes to music. I actually always check out the videos or songs you link us too! But that was definitely a good song, going to favorite it on youtube=)