My Independence Weekend !

The pictures are all over the place. Lol. TOO lazy & busy to put them in order by the day. So on Saturday I started off my morning at wallgreens ; went and bought my boyfriends God daughter a little present since it was her baptism. After the baptism we decided we would go to top of the rock with his sister ; and it was BEAUTIFUL. Plan on going again for the night sight. We then stopped at the fair ; and got some lemonade - while figuring out where to eat. We ended up going to Renaissance ; sat in the outdoor patio & had some coconut shrimp & stuffed potato skins ....Delicious.

Then Sunday ; we were suppose to go out to eat at Delicatessen on Lafayette; but we didnt get ready on time. So we headed out to the Hudson River Park early && had a picnic -- my boyfriend made some good sandwiches and potato salad - while I of course bring the snacks! It was so much fun; we ate - talked - relaxed ; tanned - && then we both flew our first kites ; added by blowing big bubbles && playing badminton .....it was real fun ; and sweaty "/ lol. After we decided we needed to get some fresh air - so we went back to his place to rest ; watch tv && play some connect four. We headed back out around 8ish to see the fireworks a couple blocks down from his house. It was sooooo beautiful. Must admit ; a lot better than the ones I have seen at jones beach !

On Monday ; I wokeup early && met up with my father ; stepmom ; stepsister && little brother Lucas to go to Jones Beach ....had tons of fun. It was Lucas first time at the beach and he loved every single minute of it. I got so crispy & tan :)

Ohh && going back a bit --- I saw eclipse on Tuesday night - the 12:05 showing of it ---- I think it has got to be the best out of all 3 movies. I loved it ; it was hilarious too. It was the same day I found out also that I won a giveaway on blogger on the movie ...so Im really excited to get my package soon.

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Valerie said...

I am new to your blog, I just started following =) But it sounds like you had a fun filled 4th of July weekend. I must admit the gummy bears in your last picture look sooo good! And the picture of the fireworks is beautiful!