The great teacher inspires.

" The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher strates. The great teacher inspires. " -William Arthur Ward

As I have said many times before ; I work with kids --- and I am currently on "vacay" till summer camp starts on Tuesday the 6th. OH how I miss those kids so much right now. I catch myself looking through pictures of them. Its insane how attached you get to the kids ; I started feeling this way like 2 days into my vacation time. Lol.

But anyways - I am super excited for summer - I will be up & working for about 12 hours - Monday through Friday. Lots of work; But I know it will be fun at the same time.

Ive been working on some things for summer camp - since the theme is Exploring/ Curiosity in Action. I thought it would be real cool to have up on the daily bulliten board an " Explorer of the Day " - to add to the " Word of the Day " and " Quote of the day " to hopefully help them make good choices daily. Also finished the Levels of Behavior chart.

3 more days to go && counting ......Excuse my lack of blogging during the months of July & August "/


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