Back to the MYTOUCH world :)

So as most of my blog followers know by now ; I had the mytouch 1st generation ; when it first came out & i LOVED it - but had one problem - I missed the easy keyboard for texting.

So I went back to my blackberry ------- then Tmobile did the amazing ; and came out recently with the mytouch slide ....OFCOURSE ; I had to get it & ordered it just recently. I am so excited to receive it in the mail. I have been hearing great reviews on it ; not only did they add many new features to it ; but it now has 5.0 MP instead of 3.2 ....PLUS flash. Everything I was having issues with when I first got the mytouch ; is now added to the new mytouch slide. I will let you guys know how it REALLY is when I finally get it :)

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