I apologize ;

But these things have been taking up ALL my time lately..

1. WORK : It has been SO exhausting working summer camp ; gives me time to not do much at all. But I am so far loving every minute of it. Sure its hot out && the kids get a little crazy ; but its fun & I LOVE my cofamily. They are seriously SO much more than coworkers to me <3 Doing what I love ; working with kids. So I appreciate every second I am there. Even if I am on my feet for like 12 hours every single day. Lol.

2. My Poetry Book : Been working on publishing this book for a while now. Barely have time but when I have the free time it is what I do. I am positive it should be published & ready to sell by September 2010 <3

3. Lastly; Chinese for Dummies. LOL. At my job many of my kids parents only speak Mandarin so I decided to learn - even if it is just the basics ; to make it easier for me to communicate with them. PLUS it will make me multilingual; woohoo !

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ilsteviewonder said...

Awesome! :)

Valerie said...

Wow, I didn't know you were working on a poetry book! Thats so amazing! I love reading poetry, when that book is published I was for sure buy it and add it to my book collection =) and it seems like your using a program to write it, what is it?

And summer camp sounds fun! Its great that your working with kids there. Summer camp always seems like such a highlight and you'll be a part of it! And I think its so admirable that your trying to learn chinese <3