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BE GorJESS !!! Support && cop a little something to help promote my page.

I have also started my journey in song writing - If you know of any singers that need help lyrically - Contact me : Jsalazar529@yahoo.com !!

My poetry book - is almost done. I will have a sneak peak of it for my lovely readers some time next week :)

I must say I am so HONORED to be contributing/ collaborating with Cynthia on D.I.V.A.S in Charge ! Excited to change the lives of many young girls in the heart of NYC <3

Lastly --- PoetryinPink is in two weeks --- excited ; more so nervous. If you want to come see me & many other AMAZING poets perform / while at the same time helping out an amazing cause ( breast cancer awareness ) come && join me on July 17th !!

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

big things going on jess. im proud of us, it will be us to inspire these young girls if we made it threw the roughest storms so can they.