July Inspiration & Goals !!

It is finally July ; the most anticipated month for me this year. Not only do I start work at summer camp tommorow ; but me and the boyfriend make a whole year OFFICIALLY together :) Around this time last year ; we were just simple friends going on dates ; that did not involve kissing or holding hands. Now look at us <3 sigh ! Lol.

As you know by now ; I put up new quotes every month around my dry erase calendar so I can see it daily. So here is some inspiration && motivation for your mind - soak it in !!

Now -- I made a SUMMER Bucketlist; I have to cross a couple things out that I did do && add some that I have thought of just recently. ( I will be making a post on the ones I have done already real soon !! )

1. Hair Change; something VERY different !
2. Tattoo - It has a STRONG meaning to it; a special post as soon as I get it !
3. Go to the beach at night
4. Top of the Rock
5. Weekend Vacay @ Log Cabin
6. Publish Poetry Book !!!! ♥
7. Learn Baton again
8. Learn Mandarin
9. Take Basic Painting Classes
10. Start a Photography Portfolio
11. Play Tennis again ; after 5 years !
12. Plant my own flowers
13. Have my own pet ( most likely a fish )
14. Fly a kite
15. Play Badminton
16. Play Football
17. Play Softball
18. Play Basketball
19. Go rollerblading
20. Watch a outdoor movie
21. Picnic with the Girls
22. Go to a concert
23. Go on vacation
24. Have a BBQ
25. Watergun Fight
26. Go to a game ( basketball; baseball )
27. Have a dinner outdoors
28. Make a summer Scrapbook
29. Take a boat ride
30. Botanical Gardens
31. Ride the tea cups @ Coney
32. Make my own perfume scent
33. Make my own pizza
34. Go cannoeing @ Central Park
35. Have a bonfire / Campout
36. Build a Sand Castle
37. Make homemade Icecream
38. Roast marshmellows - make Smores !
39. Make my own Beaded Bracelets
40. Have a Bubble Bath !! <3
41. Pop some popcorn - old school style.
42. Count & watch the stars at night
43. Go fishing
44. Go to a carnival
45. Tye Dye a shirt
46. Make a huge cookie
47. Grow my own butterfly
48. Go biking
49. Rock Climbing
50. Go to the zoo

Theres SO much more ; as though I dont have enough right ? Lol. But lets see if I can do it !!!

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Valerie said...

Awww what you do is sooo motivational and inspirational! I love people who are committed to making a list and fulfilling their goals =)

cArAmElCuTiE0215 said...

I lvoe the idead of your summer bucketlist lol and the 30 day letters..brilliant! =)

Btw..where did you get that dry eraser board calendar?..I love it!

I'm a new follower..pelase check out my blog and if you like it, please follow me..thanks!

gor(jess). said...

aww thanks girls for reading :) appreciate it a lot !!!! glad i can motivate others to do the same.

@caramelcutie0215 i got my dry erase calender from staples it was about 20 dollars.

Esspee. * said...

Thanks for the positive entry, I wrote some of the quotes down :). I need to do a summer bucket list as well! Thanks for the inspiration hun.

Take care, xoxo. ♥

LaLa said...

i love that you do this <3

Hav BwB said...

Glad you're enjoying the items and I have a list too but it's for things I've always wanted to do in NY. I really enjoyed readng yours.

Anonymous said...

great list love. i also love those type of calendars, they help you keep organized in ways unimaginable!