I need any1 that promotes there music;clothing;makeup;art;photography or just does graff /tags 2 hit me up wit there promotional stickers. I am doing a collage piece which I will need as many promotional stickers from NY artist/entrepreneurs.

gorjess ♥


How Im feeling ....

A picture will always tell a story. I feel like this art work right here explains exactly how I feel about a lot . I think many people I know criticize & talk down things others want to do in THEIR lives; without being asked. I am usually not one to ask for opinions of others ; but I do at times when I feel it is really necessary. I am ALL for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism --- but MANY people I know do not do it for my better ; more so for them to feel better about there poor choices & lack of friendship skills. I think many people need to think before giving there opinions to those that never asked them in the first place to say anything at all. Choose your words wisely ; because it can easily make or break a persons day. I dont think many people understand that everything that comes out of our mouths can effect atleast one person in this world. Remember there is always someone listening; dont be the reason someone chooses the wrong path.

Books that I reccomend :

1. The Secret
2. Art of War
3. The Five People you meet in Heaven
4. The Five men who broke my heart
5. Are you there Vodka; its me Chelsea
6. Veronika Decides to Die
7. The kite Runner
8. Why men Love Bitches
9. The lovely Bones
10. Their Eyes were Watching God
11. Of Mice & Men
12. The Glass Menagerie
13. I know Why the Caged Bird Sings


New domain & blog title

I had to change it up due to some stalker technical difficulties ! If any of you lovely ladies would wanna make a banner for my page that would be great. Im currently waiting on a photoshoot to occur for me to make a whole new page layout. I will be blogging tommorow . xoxo simpllygorjess.




My Week is looking CRAZY.

Not only do I have work Monday - Friday. But there are many things coming up this week ; that I am just SUPPPPPER excited for.

Tommorow before work I am planning to go to barnes & noble or borders to catch up with my reading. Get me a good book, some magazines & other stuff. Then after work I will be going to Lucilles to sign up for the gym --- They have one right around my job that has belly dancing & Kickboxing at night ! So thats going to be fun & also great for my health & fitness.

Tuesday after work as always are the Revolution Ladies Nights ...which are always verrrry inspiring. We will be doing Spoken Word Poetry ; im excited to read my work & also listen to inspiring & strong woman read theres :)

Wednesday after work I will be attending a event ( RElaunching party) for 21-7 Magazine with some of my ladies from R.L.N ! Will be a great socializing event & seems like a lot of fun...besides the fact that its happy hour for one hour? Lol.

Thursday is actually my "relax day" I will be going early to re-admit myself to Kingsborough for the semester that starts in March & then going to work.

Friday after work I will be going to "Busted in Two Cities" where 30 artists were given a blank bust of a female form and told to create art. It show cases all of the finished artwork; SO its going to be pretty cool !

Saturday I have tutoring - then its my best guy friends birthday @ Branch in NYC && thats going to be pretty live. I havent gone clubbing in a while ....esp with loved ones so it will be a good time for sure.

Sunday is church ....relax for as much as I can ♥

I know Monday makes a new week ; but also its a new month. CANNOT believe it will be February after this week ends. I found out there will be a NO H8 event that day though ; and I will be going after work to support the cause and take part in the open photoshoot. Should be fun ; plus at the same time something I stand by 110% !

*** PLUS; everyone that knows me well knows that simple things make me happy - such AS ; packages :D ! I have ordered SOOOO many things online which I am waiting on..so hyped to be coming home to some stuff for me :)

Hope everyone has a blessed & amazing week !!!! ♥

My favorite Celebrity Couple.

There amazing together. Remind me a lot of me and my boyfriend ...considering hes younger than me & im the " cougar " in the relationship as he says. Lol. Also cus I see a lot of personality traits between him & Que ...Plus vice versa with me & Dawn. There relationship all in all reminds me of mine. There amazing though ; & remind me always that I am lucky to have the kind of boyfriend and relationship that I do.

I want this ; asap !


Dewi Music !

I have been watching this females youtube videos for a while now .....she has an AMAZING , FASCINATING voice. Its strong but at the same time soothing. A great combination to have as a singer; because you can tell she can do different genres of music with her voice tone. Here are some of my favorites of hers !

She also has a website you can check out :

Give Pennies to Haiti !

At my job the kids & staff are all collecting as many pennies as we can for about a month ; at the end of it all we are sending it to the Haiti Relief Fund for YELE. We are trying to reach a goal of 10,000 dollars in Pennies only. YES it is possible ; and you can help if you live in the NY area; Hit me up to contribute : @SIMPLLYGORJESS on Twitter or EMAIL me at Jsal529@gmail.com !

It's a Love Thing ♥

You're beautiful, the way you wear that, share that
Have many ladies, but nothing can compare to that smile
That style that drives men wild
That ring could have Big Daddy walkin' down the isle
Proper you a show stopper, girl endure dropper.
♥ ♥


NYC Graffiti ART ♥

I know there is a huge controversy that Graffiti is "not Art" ....well this is MY blog & I say Graffiti is most DEFINITELY ART. I love everything about it ; the colors ; the story behind it ; how each one is unique in its own way. All Graff artist also have there own different ways to show there art; and I think it is an amazing gift to have. I WISH I was a good painter/artist. I mean I have never tried .... but highly doubt I can considering my stick figures seem to suck. Lol. Its one of the main reasons why I enjoy taking the train & commuting places. You see a lot of Graff Art that you would not see if you were in a car. From underground train stations; to sky high buildings outside the train windows. I honestly do not feel like NY would be NY without Graffiti Art. It gives it that Rebel City feel, and gives NY its character and sophistication. There has been word that 5pointz in Queens will be closing down soon this year. But I have heard otherwise , that it is just the studios by it - but that 5pointz will still be open for artist like usual. I guess time will tell ; but if you have not gone yet ... do not wait it out & go check it out. Every single person can look at the same piece of art yet feel a COMPLETELY different way about it & gain a different story through it. Here are some pictures of NYC graff art ; most from 5pointz itself.

Woman Inspired CD ♥

So if you do not know by now ; my lovely co-workers have started a great " Revolutions Ladies Night " that meet on Tuesdays at my job in the Lower Eastside. So it inspired me to make a CD with only songs that were made or help inspire strong & independent women. Here are the songs I put on it ; if you would like to DL and listen to them. I think this CD will help many women reflect on how great & powerful they are. Or/ at the same time remind us that we are way too strong & amazing to deal with "men" and haters that will try and knock us down or make us feel worthless in life. A CD that can lift a womans spirits & help us brush off/ rise through bad situations.

1. Tamia - Me
2. Pink - Most Girls
3. Lauryn Hill - Peace of Mind
4. Cindy Lauper - Just wanna Have fun
5. India Arie - Because I am a Queen
6. Ne-Yo - Ms. Independent
7. Alicia Keys - Superwoman
8. Destinys Child - Independent Women
9. Destinys Child - Survivor
10. No Doubt - Im just a Girl
11. Mary J Blige - Take me as I am
12. Keyshia Cole - Let it Go
13. Beyonce - Single Ladies
14. Chrisette Michele - Porcelain Doll
15. Lauryn Hill - Doo Woop ( That Thing )
16. Nancy Sinatra - These boots are made For walking
17. Christina Aguilera/ Lil Kim - Cant hold Us Down

Oldies but Goodies !

I wrote this about two years ago; maybe even three. I remember doing a spoken word on it & its just very deep. I have been trying to re - write it because if you dont know me I think its a lot harder to understand. It is basically me comparing my past relationship with my parents relationship/divorce. The HE's I speak of is obviously my EX & my father. SHE is when I speak on my mother. ENJOY ; I just found it randomly on my laptop :)

That’s When I Remember You.

He touches my face and stares into my eyes
He doesn’t want to hurt me yet still feeds me a bunch of lies
That’s when I remember you.
He compliments me from my hair to my dress
But I wonder if I gained a little, if he would love me less
That’s when I remember you.
He buys me my favorite flowers, and the card ends with love
Not sincerely, so does that make it less or above?
He teases me, and calls me cute names
He remembers everything I say, so is it really just a game?
That’s when I remember you.
He calls me to tell me how much I mean to him
But sometimes my hope leaves, and the light goes dim
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember you the most.
That’s when I remember you laying on the kitchen floor
just because he decided to leave us and walk out that door
He claimed he was in love with you; now all you have for show is me
& I cant help but wonder if he never left, where would we be?
Three years cant ever compare to fourteen
But what was the point of staying, when the love couldn’t even be seen?
He treats me just like he used to treat you
But if he leaves me like he left you.....then what will I do?
He sometimes forgets to call, he sometimes doesn’t call at all
That’s when I remember you.
I lost all my trust, I over analyze every single word
He’s seeing other girls, he’s going to leave me soon that’s what Ive heard
The man I put all my time and effort in walked out the door
For the same reasons he left you? I wonder, but ill never be sure
Now im back at square one, back to gaining my hope
Back to finding real love in someone else
Back to the happy life I used to live before him
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember you crying every night as I slept in the other room
throwing out everything that reminded you of him
pawning the wedding ring, it was all just a state of gloom
Now im following all your foot steps
Three years and I haven’t gotten over it
That’s when I remember you.
Six years and you haven’t gotten over it
He still doesn’t want you back
That’s when I remember you.
That’s when I remember I don’t want to be you.
At least not anymore...
That’s when I remember.

You the Love of my Life ♥

In retrospect I see she brought life and death to me
Peace to us collectively, live and direct when we perform
It's just coffee shop chicks and white dudes
Over H.E.R. I got into it with that nigga Ice Cube
Now the fight moved to in life, makin the right moves
Besides God and family, you my life's jewel ♥

Collage Work !

More to come ; PROMISE ;)

A tour of my Tiny yellow Cubicle !

Soo many people are amazed when they come into my room & find new things they like everytime they come in. Its veryyy out there; and not even done. I have been fixing up my room & giving it my own little twist for about two years now. I started with painting my walls from blue to bright yellow. I do ALOT of collage work; most with pictures of my own - & currently working on TWO new collage posters; that I will be posting up id say around the beginning of February. As of now here are some things -- Here are some pictures :) ENJOY.


Happy 1/2 year ! :)

Today is me and the boyfriends 6month. I found him outside my job with these lovely flowers. It was the sweetest thing ever. My boyfriend is definately the most romantic & spontaneous guy I have yet to be with ; and I appreciate it a lot because not most guys are like that. As a girl I know us girls WANT boyfriends that are romantic ....but we dont expect it due to our shitty past relationships. Lol. So its amazing to have found someone like him ♥ Thankyou baby - SINCE I know you read my blog all the time haha :)





Hip Hop Artwork.

Today me & my co-workers at University Settlement had a mandatory seminar/training to attend. It was about many things we will be doing - such as helping the Haiti Releif by collecting Clothing & Baby Formula; PLUS collecting as many pennies as possible through out NYC as a fund for Haiti. You may think pennies are worthless ; but just think about it. 100 Pennies makes $1.00 ! So every single penny can make a difference. ( SO - if your in the NY area & want to help out just let me know ! TWITTER : SIMPLLYGORJESS && EMAIL ADDRESS : JSAL529@GMAIL.COM

Here are some pictures of the day ! Not much but they caught my attention A LOT.
--> " If the whole world was listening to you ? What would you say ? "

Please come Join us :)

To all Woman of NYC ; Come join Revolution Ladies Night ! @ 175 Eldrige St ..Tuesdays @ 7PM <3 Have strong & insprational woman around you to be there for you; ; laugh with you ; & cry with you. Its a support system most woman need ; && do not have. We are woman of strength & courage ...So we should all come together & share our thoughts; opinions; and experiences to make it a better world for us Strong, Beautiful woman ♥


It breaks my heart we have to say Goodbye ......

I just cant let you fuck with my mind.

Music Man ?!

Oh didnt they tell you not to fall for a music man?
I learned my lesson the hard way. Lol.

" && though you try to let go ; he still haunts you for sure...Cus out of sight out of mind just don't exists - when every bodies got his ringtone"

March 5th 2010 !!

Tim Burton created one of the very BEST movies ; ever.
Such as - Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd. Even earlier days ; anyone remember Bettlejuice ? That show creeped me out when I was a child ; but I lovedd it ! Now he's bringing us a classic --- Alice in Wonderland. Its going to be great ; I already know it. Not only because it will be 3D but because it's with his own little twist ; I cannot wait what to see how he makes it all come alive.

I am going to be on the lookout for the OPI nail polishes also of Alice In Wonderland. I have yet to see them though =/

Also the Alice in Wonderland x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Caps are to release in February. Im feeling them a lot ; but im not a hat person - Lol.

But what I am deff looking forward to is getting me a cool shirt from Hot Topic for the day of the movie release ; there all so great I cant choose.


Hope you all are ready :)

The Love & War Masterpeace ♥

Raheem Devaughn's NEW album is releasing on March 2nd 2010.
If you care to listen to some of his music here ya go !

Mystikal is Back ?

As many of you know Mystikal was sentenced 6 years in jail in 2004; for um ... forcing his hairstylist to have sex with him ? && Fraud... shame shame. But hey ; he did his time so props to him. He says hes been writing a lot since hes been locked up ; so lets see what he has in store for us.

Heres the out of jail interview with him on Q93 FM in New Orleans :

Robin Thicke ♥

Sooo I tweeted not long ago about how Robin Thicke songs get me in the mood ! Lol. It used to be Trey Songz .... but seriously I think Robin just took his place. I was listening to his CD : Sex Therapy. &&& yeah the name says it all. All of these songs are just AMAZING. I plan on getting the CD REAL soon ; && put it to work. LMAO. If you have not heard it yet ; go check it out. I will put my favorites here right now ! Listen to the lyrics ; ahhh - he just kills me.


Call me ♥ - Slum Village & Dwele.

I AM INLOVE WITH HIP HOP ; not this fake hiphop now. YES I admit I do listen to some songs that I honestly do not like but I listen to it cus there catchy - such as Gucci Mane ; 50 Cent; Kanye. But no offense - I miss the old school Hip Hop. The type that could keep you playing the song over and over & you can reminise on the first time you heard it & how you felt . You remember exactly what you were going through when you first heard it and how it impacted your life. I miss the old school hip hop that had pure meaning & just gave you that tingling butterflies in your stomach type of feeling. This is what this song does to me. Its deff one of my most favorites. I love both slum village & Dwele. They make music that touches the soul ; body &&& MIND.

Was our feelings supposed to disappear the minute we kept lost
Started out on a good foot then we eventually stepped off
Or is it just troubles that couples go through?
Mad on the phone can't hang up
But I'm hung up on you
Give me a call ♥

Random - New Years Pictures.

It's all about ME ME ME ME ME ! :) Lol.








The old rules ; NO longer apply.


I got this postcard from the amazing lil goody bags at Womens Revolution's first meeting :) WHICH btw was GREATT. Everyone left tearing && excited for the next meetings to come. It is always good to be around positive & most of all INSPIRING woman. I really look up to ALL of those females.

This postcard saying really had my thoughts running wild. Its so true & I just wish other females around the world would realize it. We are now in a century where we have to speak up ; because NOW we are being heard. Its amazing how many men now in this world LOOK UP to females ; and realize that we are powerful & strong. Back in the days it was hard to get a man to say anything positive about a female. We were known as a person to take care of home & to conceive. Now we are SO much more than that & we have to stop acting other wise. I dont think we give eachother the credit we should give ourselves ; and we are still letting the OLD RULES apply to us. THERE IS NO SUCH THING ANYMORE ABOUT " WOMAN CANNOT DO THIS; WOMAN CANNOT DO THAT ". Woman can do anything & everything a man can do - well besides pee standing up I guess. Lol.

I have been fully inspired to give this world my all ; and not only show men what I am capable of ; but maybe inspire other woman to do and be all they can be also. It starts with one voice --- and then soon enough you got the whole world in your hands. Keep that in mind !


The Month of PEACE.

As I have said in one of my other blogs ; I work for an AMAZING organization ; that does just about EVERRYTHING for the community. I am a kindergarten teacher there and I swear those kids keep me alive. As tiring as it is; they make my days and keep me looking forward to days ahead. SO - with that being said. This month is based on PEACE and RESPECT. It all goes into the fact that its Martin Luther King JR day on Monday. Soo I decided to make a peace tree for the kids where they promise to use there hands for PEACE. I spoke to them how we should not use our hands for violence; and what not. It came out so cute. They have the smallest little hands & some tried there very best to trace there hands out; haha.

Then this is our peace wall. I brung a bunch of tshirts for them to make peace signs on and write out the word peace; they used glitter and all that cool stuff to decorate them. They had a blasttt ! Im happy they enjoyed it & our walls are slowly but surely being covered with new 2010 art work of theirs. There so proud bringing there parents in to show them what they did.

In loving Memory ♥

To be loved and be loved in return
It's the only thing that my heart desires
Just appreciate the little things I do
Oh, you're the one who's got me inspired
Keep on lifting, lifting me higher ♥

We can build a world of love, a life of joy
Make our goal each other's happiness
I will do for you anything that I can
Oh, everyday I wanna do a little more
Do a little more, just a little bit more !

Love this song ; the lyrics are amazing. My his soul rest in Peace !