Baby Update !

I am growing , and im loving it ! my current weight is 125..and lets just say I know longer fit into size small pants or shirts, and I had to do some bra shopping. Lol. I am really appreciating the weight gain my baby has been giving me, going in all the right places. Haha. I still get symptoms here and there - such as aches, back & legs...and headaches! But not as bad ...I am almost done, and June feels oh so close. I have gotten my registry at target done, and will be doing my babys r us registry next week. Also have tons of halls I need to visit this week coming to see where I will be having the baby shower. Waiting patiently for my taxes check to come in so I can use that to get all the shower favors and decorations ! Sooo many things to get done besides that , but luckily because of Presidents day I have a whole week off work to get it all done, hopefully ! * crosses fingers * All in all I feel amazing & emotional. I cant wait to finally have him here, my summer will be far more memorable with his arrival <3

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Miss Tapia said...

Aww you have a cute little tummy!

It gets really excited planning the baby shower and all that,but it's exhausting!