Spa Nights

Recently me and the boo found a new weekly ritual to do together. Facials ! Lmao. Ive done them on my own all the time but now hes decided to join the bandwagon ;) ! It was very fun to do together , and we just relaxed after. I love doing them. Who would think they really would work when it comes to relieving stress. They do wonders ...and make me feel refreshed and at ease again. Right on top are some facial masks I use from the line Montagne Jeunesse !

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keeper of words . said...

This is actually a good idea but my boyfriend is too "manly" to go this. Maybe I'll try and persuade him. lol
You guys look like you really enjoyed them. :) too cute1

Anonymous said...

You two are so adorable! i need to have a spa night as well!

gor(jess). said...

haha ...yeah convince him ! its well worth the shot !

thanks elizabeth :) you must do itt !!!