Why do you blog ?

I got asked this question...and felt it was such a great question , that I just had to make a whole post on it !

First off - what do I blog about? Besides reviews,makeup.. I mostly blog about my life & struggles..and how I learned from things, people. Things I like, things I dont like.

I blog about my life - and things I am going through such as my pregnancy because I know their are many people out their that can relate, also because my family and friends read my blog so I know they enjoy staying aware of how me and the belly are doing every once in a while !

I blog about my relationship , not to boast about it ...but to show females what real love looks like. Is my relationship perfect? HECK no. We argue , we have disagreements , he gets on my last nerve sometimes & vice versa ...but I know what a BAD relationship feels & looks like to see the difference...and I know that most of my followers are younger girls who are still looking for someone to fall inlove, and happy with..or young single females struggling to let go of unhealty relationships. I try my best to be that role model for them..in a way show them that it is possible to find that man that will treat you like no other has ever treated you , a man you dont have to change for - or you dont have to change them/mold them into a man. I want to let females know that real healty love exsist. I remember at a LONG LONG period in my life I did not believe in love , in marriage, in GOOD guys....I felt it was pure BS, and it stayed like that for years - until I met Rob. Did I let my walls down right away ? NO. Did I fall in love instantly ? NO. But after some time I felt comfort and stable security in him. I want everyone I know to find that, and be able to not give up on that.

I blog about my struggles/my past because I know through my past struggles I became this strong FEARLESS women , and you learn from other peoples mistakes and struggles...so I share them with all of you so that you dont have to deal with the same things. I feel many females can relate to my blog post, and thats what keeps me blogging. I think its easy to blog about makeup & fashion ...but for someone to open up about their life and be comfortable writing about their past, is a FEARLESS move. Knowing that you can write about stuff that deeply affected you before, and you over came them ...to know your inspiring others to do the same - or to slowly gain that is a big thing. Their are so many young teens/women going through so much right now at this very moment ...and they need to hear that someone just like them went through that same obstical , that same rollercoaster of emotions ....but overcame it, so they can too !

I blog about things I like , because Im not greedy...things were made for many people to have. So why not share with you things I enjoy doing, eating, reading, using. I give my honest opinion about it all , so that you can also go and enjoy it. Also to give others ideas, inspiring to step outside the box...not listen to regular music you hear on the radio, or that your friends like. Give you all more of an option..and help you seek your creativity on a whole other level.

Im prettty sure that sums it all up ! :)

xoxo Jess

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cool post! i blog for my little bee :)

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