On mommy mode!

Lately I have been getting soo much done for the little one coming soon. Being on point with my health and getting everything ready for my prince. Feels great to know that day by day I am much more prepaired for him. Heres a little something I am still working on. Its basically a home made notebook which me and the boyfriend will be writing him letters, starting now while hes in the belly to when hes born. I plan on stopping when he is around 9-10 and can really read and understand the letter me and daddy wrote to him way before he was born. I just want more for him, so he can see how special he was for us, no matter what situations occur from here on.

I have been reading this book lately. I actually bought it today on my trip to target, and already up to page 55 ! Its called Belly Laughs: the naked truth about pregnancy and child birth. Its hillarious, I can honestly relate to each and every page in this book. I think its an amazing humourous book you MUST read if your pregnant, was pregnant, or ever plan on getting pregnant. I love it , and I am so happy I got it.I even think my boyfriend would enjoy it and relate to all the things she put her husband through during pregnancy. Lol. She has another book out called Baby Laughs ,which is about the naked truth about the first year of motherhood. So I want to get it around the time hes here, and I will be home all day taking care of him.

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Neeyuh said...

The letters are such a great idea! My bestie is pregnant right now too and she keeps a journal where she writes down everything from when she first found out to how she feels day to day so her daughter can read it all later. I'll have to tell her about that book too it sounds like something she would love! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Neeyuh. GREAT idea. also a baby book :)