Vday Ideas :)

Any female can cook up a dinner, or write a poem for there loved one on vday. Dont get me wrong , I do the whole breakfast in bed , etc. But I find that to be very regular things you should do JUST BECAUSE. So I do things that are on a more creative side. Its true what they say, the best things in life are free. I went all out last year - and have always been this way with all the presents ive ever given. So I am currently working on my new ideas this year for v-day. I can easily get him another watch, or technology device, but thats not what valentines day is for I feel. Its a day to go ALL OUT, like you have never done before to show that person you love them. Things out of the ordinary, not usual day to day basis things.

Here are some ideas for you guys, that I did last year :

Find out soon what I have up my sleeve for this year <333

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