macadamia oil treatment !

The smell of it is great, and I must say it lives up to the hype. I tried other oils for my hair before, and it would just leave it feeling oily (duh! lol) but NOT this one at all . It helped A LOT with frizz and shine. I cant explain to you how beautifully shiny it comes out , and not that greasy type of shiny. It is a must have for hair care. I dont think I will ever ever stop using it. If you have not tried it yet , then go out & get it. I use it once a week !

Revitalizes, Heals and Rebuilds.
Rich in Omega 7, Vitamin E and Anti Oxidants.

Directions: Place closed tube in a cup of hot tap water for approximately one minute. Wet hair, apply genrously throughout hair and massage for one minute. Rinse hair with warm water, shampoo and dry as usual.

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Anonymous said...

Never tried it, definitely going to have to now!