Every lover after me; is a DejaVu ♥

"I got a thing for this little mama she do it to me plus her brain is forreal imma sucka for love I guess. Wont catch her up in the club cuz she aint into that; Kind of chick that rather rent a flick and get intimate. Say she never fuck with thug niggas only gentlemen && yea that ass is fat but whats better is her intellect. Other men sweat her when we walk past. Cant even blame em’ I did the same when I saw that ass match with the thin waist, brown with a slime face. Love the conversation and the kicks was like a sensai. Now she got me chillin with her all around the clock. My homies beefin cuz I never come around a lot. Keep on telling me I changed and things aint the same & ever since she came around I never want to hang. They tell me that its foul how a chick will make me switch; But man I cant help it dog her mind got me whipped!" - J Cole ♥

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