Hood Love.

This song has a lot of meaning to me. Since the day I heard it i LOVED it. The lyrics are so deep and really touch me ; because I have always always been the type of person that loves hard & unconditionally. I dont think many people know how to love unconditionally - many people give up on love real quick when it gets tough or when things start to change. But I have always been the one taking whatever comes my way ; to pick it all up & put the pieces back together. I feel that is something many lack - to truly love someone no matter who they are ; or for the mistakes they make. We are all human & if you really are in love with this person - you fight for it like its your reason for living ( unless of course you feel its not healthy for you ). ESPECIALLY when it is a marriage. You chose to marry this person - so now you must stick it out through the good & the ugly; NO MATTER how ugly it gets. It is an amazing thing to fall inlove & find that person you feel completes you && is your soulmate for life; so dont just let it go when times get tough.

OH && PS : The girl in the video ; is the same chick from " Raising Victor Vargas " Lol. I noticed her right away !

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