My Birthday Week :)

It is officially my birthday week. My real birthday lands on saturday the 29th. I will be turning 23; and plan to have the best time of my life. I am very excited because for the first time I 1. have a GOOD boyfriend for my birthday ; someone who wants to party it up with me & make it the best for me && 2. my bestfriend EVER is going to be able to be here to celebrate it with me ; after many years of not being able to. It should hopefully be a great one. I am just thankful I made it another year - thank you Lord.

I was so cranky this weekend about my birthday and the whole planning of it that I just stayed home in bed - in pjs - all weekend. Lol. But im slowly trying to just shake myself out of that feeling && enjoy this week of being *thee birthday girl <3

Heres a look into my last birthday ....

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Anonymous said...

awww yay!! Hope you have the BEST birthday ever!!
& I LOVEEE THIS song on your blog "round and round"!!

LaLa said...

yay!!! Happy Birthday, I love it, I do a bday month lol! so cute! ENJOY!