Sex & the City Two :)

If you know me oh so very well ; you know one of my many addictions is sex & the city. BEFORE the movies came out. You can ask me just about anything from sex & the city and I will know the answer 120 percent sure. Lol. I have been following it since season one ; since my mom was a huge huge fan. I went for the early screening of the movie on May 26th ....& I was lucky to get there when it was basically empty still. Got amazing seats ; & enjoyed everrrrrrrrry single minute of it <3 If you have yet to go see it - you must do so. I know I will be going again to see it with my mother & grandmother. && then maybe another couple of times with some more friends. It was just great. I laughed so much too !!

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Cindy said...

I am looking fwd to seeing it this weekend <3 I like you was a fan before the movies even came out. I love it so much : ) glad to see that you enjoyed it, I'm sure I will too!

Jesa said...

I'm going tomm!! I cannot WAIT!

fab blog! your adorable :)

Cheers, Jesa