real love.

It bothers me when I see people in unhealthy relationships; more so because I have been in many of those & know the signs of it & the denial people go through when it comes to it. I just really wish people loved themselves a lot more to realize it themselves. BUT this post does not really have to do with that. I just want to vent out about how blessed I feel - for not being in a relationship of that sort anymore. I was single for 5 LONG years till I met my boyfriend now & it was all worth it. I gotta admit I do think that I have the most healthiest & MATURE relationship ever. Not just because we have GREAT communication between the both of us ; were both very upfront & understanding - so it helps us not fight much at all. We resolve differences real quick & get passed things easily. But also because we seriously talk about everything ; and I mean EVERYTHING. He knows more about me than anyone because Im not scared to tell him my secrets & deep thoughts ; and vice versa. I feel we talk about many things other couples would be too scared to talk about ; or keep to themselves because they feel their other half will get either upset or take it the wrong way. We never hold anything in ; were what people would call over the top honest with eachother. But I feel were lucky enough to both be real understanding and mature enough to take it. I have always been that kind of person ; now I just got blessed with a man that can handle it also.

I got him a card not long ago ; randomly to show him that he means the world to me. It was on a post I did before that read " If I know what love is; it is because of You ". You dont have to be in love to feel & know what real love is.

This is what I wrote to him :

There's been many times I thought I knew real love but in all honesty never did they live up to what real love is. I have never been with someone who just loves me unconditionally. no matter what I say or do. You have stuck by me thru thick and thin you have trusted me and loved me when times got tough and many others wouldve called it quits but you stayed by me. you have never hurt me or let me down. you have never talked down to me or thrown my mistakes in my face. you have shown me what a real mature man is. you have shown me real mature honest unconditional and gentle love . thankyou for being you
I love you ♥

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