I musta been a MC in my past life ....

My laptops camera sucks once its night out ..but I originally got this microphone silver necklace for someone a while back ; but was never able to give it to them...SO ; I bought myself a less longer chain && kept it for myself. Lol. I love it ! I was planning to get me one also later on after ; but I guess I didn't have to. Lol. I love music & I love performing my poetry. I am a writer - but I also consider myself an artist ; a performer. I may not rap or sing - but I do - spit poetically ! ♥

ohh && im back on blackberry :) woohoo. the touch screen crap & all the apps were just really irking me. Im way too oldschool to be messing with them hi tech craps. No offense to anyone with an iphone & all that. But I find comfort in doing things the old way. Not having a million applications that do the job for you. So my blackberry is back <3 BBM me : 20934CFC

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Lady G. & Cynz said...

finally your back with the blackberry team. and yes you spit fire when it comes to your writing. I so miss #RLN nights.