Updates ! ♥

I'm here in bed ; sick out of my mind. I have been sick all week. I am not sure if its just my allergies acting up to the fullest !! or if its a cold. Who knows with this bi-polar weather. Many people are telling me I keep getting sick cus I dont rest enough - I'm always up && out doing things or working/studying. But thats life I gotta keep doing what I gotta do. I haven't blogged in a while so im going to catch up on that today; plus write a couple new poems ... have so many ideas and thoughts written in my blackberry ; time to get them on paper. Have to finish up last minute preparations for a training I will be coordinating with my co workers on Monday night ; SUPER nervous because its the first training I will be coordinating - but I know we will do amazing !!! I am also going to be starting my framework for motivational speaking. I have added that to my list of things I want to accomplish in life ; because I feel that is what many females out there need - motivation to live a healthy happy life ! I have found a couple schools & places - but I cant do much without the framework & representation of it all.

So that was a little update for you all ......now be ready for the overflow of blogs coming !! haha :)

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