in 24 hours ♥

I will be ...23 ! :) I am very excited for my birthday --- && out of my blah mood. I will no longer let other things & people interfere with that. I know it will be amazing. I am lucky to have the friends I do have ; and the support I have day in & day out. Something I would not trade for the world. I have so much going for me ; and so much to keep on doing to make my dreams alive in this city of big dreams. I will cherish this year as much as the next && I will keep becoming a better ; smarter && stronger woman. I have a dream to touch the lives of many in this world - & I feel like I already am doing just that. That is a lot more than many others in this world can say. Have you made a great difference or impact on our world ; our our youth; on our future ? I have. && that makes my years alive the best years ever. Thankyou Lord for the blessing of another birthday ... && MANY more to come :) Through Him I can do all things !!!

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