"It is better to have one friend of great value than to have many friends of little value." - Unknown

I have lately been really realizing what friends of mine are true ; and which are fake. I have many "friends" - but I have always been the type to just let things go; and be like oh well ; they forgot about me - but I will be there with open arms when they remember me. But lately ; I have gotten tired of being that way. Im getting tired of always being there for people no matter what ; when I dont get the same back. So I decided to cut people out of my life completely. To the point where I dont care about your life ; I dont care about your where abouts ; I dont even care any longer if your alive & safe. I will be deleting your emails/texts etc. without even taking the time to read them; because your pointless to my life right now. I know it sounds very mean - but I'm just done. From now on everyone will be getting treated the way they treat me. Its sad that people I once called my friends forget about me because they 1. are in a new relationship so GOD FORBID there physco girlfriends/boyfriends find out they are still friends with me ; or 2. they have new friends they dont even know so well ; and if it does not have to do with clubbing or drinking they wont hit me up. I sit here and think of all I have done for these "friends" of mine ; all the times I have dropped plans for them ; all the time I have wasted to do things and favors for them - without getting anything in return for it. I was always the first one to boost about my friends achievements and how amazing they are ; how talented they are - give them props ; write blogs about them - help out with promotion; etc. Now I will choose wisely who I do that all for. Besides the fact that I have been very sick lately & was going through real bad depression - I felt like I still had to beg certain friends to ask me how I was doing and what not. Like REALLY?. I am living for me now; I will be selfish now. & sooner or later when their relationships fail & there " new friends " show their true colors - I wont be there to pick up the pieces. I'll be there to say : This is what you asked for.

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Anonymous said...

I relate to this 100%