Decisions; Decisions.

Every decision you make in your life will make or break you. So it is best to sit & wait it out..before impulsively doing what you think is best. They say sometimes its best to make decisions with your heart ; rather than your mind. Then theres some that say otherwise. So how do we know which to do? Which will benefit us better? What deceives you the most...your heart ; or your mind? I think thats one of the toughest questions ever to me. && how long is TOO long to make a decision? You have to sit down and way the pros & the cons to the decisions you make .....but who knows how long that will take. I am a very bipolar person ; so that makes matters even harder for me. I will feel something one day & the next day feel the quite opposite of it. Pray - pray until you find a solution. Get on your knees and ask God to give you your answer.......I guess that is what I will keep on doing.

Time - just give it time. Then you will know .....or thats what they say. HOW long...once again. Time is so precious. Theres not enough time in a day ; and time is the one thing you cant get back .....so why give it time? Why not just go for it now. But when you go for it ; your risking everything & anything you got. I guess you gotta stop & think if its worth the risk ...is it worth the pain if it doesn't catch you when you fall ? is it worth losing everything you know; is it worth looking stupid?

The smallest decisions ; can make the biggest changes/ impacts in your life ....
If only staples really did sell an easy button that worked.

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