You always remember your first LOVE.

I was speaking to a co - worker of mine & some great homegirls that I have about love ; and losing it && falling back into it. The bad & good of it all. && it stuck out to me when she said ; well you never forget your first love.

&& that just made me sigh at how true that is to me. Lets see -- my first love; was my high school sweetheart. Back ; way back 6 years ago but still there isn't a day when I don't think about him and worry whether or not he's doing okay for himself in the world. I rarely ever speak to him ...considering the fact that we are both in new relationships. But its like I cant help but still have that love for him ; like if he needed something - id be there no doubts about it.

Is that how it always is with your firt love? I stop and think if maybe it is just because he was my first real boyfriend; the first man I introduced to my family ; the first person I told I loved & loved me back. My first EVERYTHING. You always remember the first time you do or say something ....so is that why he wil always be ingraved in my mind and thoughts?

I guess I will never know exactly why we never are able to forget our first loves ; but I do know that it made me older and wiser. Sometimes first love teaches us a thing or two -- and not necessarily lessons we wanted to learn.

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pennanddpaperr . said...

LOVE this song!

i agree with you on the first love thing. no matter what happens or how i feel for the moment.. i know if my first love was to call me, needing me, and i was able to provide it, i would do it.