Of course The Light by Common ( is a PURE classic.... but this part two is just BEAUTIFUL. These lyrics remind you that LOVE can conquer all. That LOVE is really all we need in this cold world ♥

It's important we communicate,
& watch this relationship illuminate the world
black pearl in you, is a lover & friend,
picture how your name will sound
with the last name Lynn.
Put a prayer in the air, that it never all end,
& if so, when we come back it'll be better again.
I will be by your side, through the smile & laughs,
the child we have, even when the clouds is bad,
I know your heart had been broken by a love that pass,
& when your not lookin, that's when love can grab.
Sometimes we gotta ask are we movin' too fast?
Ain't no limit to a love that's given from above.
Mean fish, collard greens, corn bread, you be rockin it
Similar values, tho in many ways we opposite.
Attracted to your uh.. & the way that you be poppin it
Brighten my life reminded me to stay positive..

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